Join me on a trip around the island where we search for endemic species such as laurel and Bolle’s pigeons, Tenerife blue chaffinch, island canary and other interesting breeding species, as well as migrating or wintering birds depending on the season.

If you are a birdwatcher coming to Tenerife, you probably want to see the most interesting and possibly rare birds without wasting all your vacation time searching for them, especially if you are coming with your family and they do not share your passion. Let me help you keep your marriage safe by balancing birding and family time (your significant other might not settle for just a nice dinner if you are gone all week chasing birds!). We will meet bright and early in the morning, visit all the hot spots to check all the species off the list, and be back at the hotel in time for a glass of wine or beer before the sun sets.

During the course of the tour, I will take you to the best locations to observe the target species based on the experience I have accrued over the years living on the island so, although it would be dishonest if I guaranteed 100% that we will see the bird in question, you can rest assured that I will take you to the places with the highest success rates, including back-up locations if need be. In addition, I usually have first-hand knowledge of the most interesting migrating or wintering birds, which might add a few more lifers to your checklist!

Pelagic trips: if you want to chase one of Spain’s most elusive species, the Barolo shearwater, and other seabirds, I organize boat trips especially in the summer. Contact me for a quote

  • Birdwatching Tour
  • 150
  • Target species: Tenerife blue chaffinch, laurel and Bolle's pigeons, island canary, Barbary falcon, robin, Canary Island chiff chaff, Berthelot's pipit etc.
  • Pick-up Time: 9am
  • Drop-off time: between 3pm and 4pm
  • Binoculars not included
  • Food not included
  • Optional Bird photography sessions available upon request
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  • Pelagic Bird and Whale Watching Trip
  • Email Me
  • Half-day Zodiac Trip
  • Time of year: Summer-Autumn (available during other seasons upon request)
  • Starting point: Puerto Colón
  • Target Species: Barolo and Cory's shearwaters, storm petrels, gulls, terns, pilot whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bryde's whales, sea turtles etc.
  • Food not included
  • Sick bags not included 😉
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