Workshops are a more in-depth look at a subject and are aimed at people who want to organize their vacation specifically to learn about a certain aspect of photography. They are multi-day events held on specific dates limited to a small number of participants where, compared to a class, you will have more tutoring and a lot more time to perfect your technique. During workshops, you will also spend a fair amount of time post-processing the photos because the editing part is equally important but often overlooked; as Ansel Adams famously said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. This is especially true in astrophotography, where an exposure straight out of the camera looks pretty dull compared to the image created after editing.

Wars and pandemics permitting, over the course of the year I will organize dedicated events taught by professional photographers so you will be able to learn directly from the best. I will post the dates and the details on the website and on social media so stay tuned!