Daniele photographing
Do you want to learn to take full control of your camera to improve your landscape, wildlife or night-sky photography skills? Well, you have come to the right place! As a matter of fact, I offer introductory and intermediate-level classes aimed at individuals and small groups.

The classes are directed at people who want to learn  to take breathtaking photos to share with their friends or on social media; for general photography and landscape, we will meet either before sunrise or before sunset at set locations (depending on the weather and the time of year), and first we will go over an introduction to photography, and then we will practice different camera settings, techniques and composition tips over the course of the session. By the end, (hopefully) you will have mastered using your camera in manual mode and understand the different use and outcomes when playing with aperture, shutter speed and ISO to unleash your potential as a photographer.

For astrophotography, we will meet after the sun goes down at dark-sky locations (also depending on the weather and the season), and first we will go over an introduction to night photography, then we will start the proper photo session using several techniques to bring out the details of the stars and nebulae. We will practice single exposures, blending, stacking and tracking to get you prepared to apply each technique in different situations.

You can book a session anytime with little advance notice, just send me an email and we will go from there.

  • Astrophotography Session
  • 150
  • Dark skies guaranteed
  • Pick-up and drop-off times vary throughout the year
  • Astrophotography fundamentals
  • Single exposure, stacking, blending and tracking techniques
  • General editing tips (NOT a computer-based editing session)
  • Hot beverage included
  • Camera and Tripod not included
  • Group discount
  • Book Now
  • Introduction to Photography
  • 100
  • Sunrise or Sunset Session (depending on the time of year)
  • Beautiful locations
  • Photography Fundamentals and Basic Techniques
  • From Auto to full Manual
  • Composition tips
  • Camera and Tripod not included
  • Food not included
  • Group discount
  • Book Now