Mountain Biking

I have always loved riding bikes. When I was a kid, I spent my summer afternoons zipping around the woods of Ostia with my friends. When I turned 18, my uncle bought me my first mountain bike, no suspension and rim brakes (that should give you a hint on how old I am…). I used to ride it around the parks in Rome, but I only discovered true mountain biking when I moved to California. As luck would have it, at first I lived near the Fort Ord National Monument and Carmel Valley, which prompted me to get a cheap K2 bike from REI to explore the area, and when I moved to Santa Cruz I started riding a lot more seriously (and gradually transitioned out of my comical attempts at learning to surf). When I finished my Master’s I decided to take a break from science, and because I was riding a hardtail Specialized Stumpjumper but was dreaming of getting one of the Santa Cruz Bikes some of my friends were riding (which I could not afford), I thought that the best way to get one was to actually work at the factory, so I could learn some technical skills while I was at it. Long story short, I was so insisting that they ended up hiring me and I worked as Quality Control inspector for almost two years. When I moved back to Italy, I brought back the custom green-white-and-red Blur I built and rode there.

As soon as I moved to the Canary Islands, I met local legend and MTB zen master Leonardo, a fellow Italian who had been living and riding there for a long time and, after a few post-ride conversations, along with my girlfriend Silvia we decided to start Fluyendo MTB Canarias. Quite surprisingly to be honest, our guiding business took off and became our full-time activity in a short period of time, and since then we have been blessed to show the best trails of the archipelago to professionals such as Jerome Clementz, Mark Weir, Tito Tomasi, Pauline Dieffenthaler, Ludo May, Nico Lau, Davide Sottocornola and many other Enduro legends as well as average Joes and beginners. We also collaborated with several brands for photo shoots and events. Both Leonardo and I are MIAS MTB Leaders Level 2. As I have become busier with hiking trips and photography, these days our mountain biking activity is mostly focused in Gran Canaria, so if you are interested send us an email or write us in the contact section and we will get you riding!

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