enchanted forest
Of all the facets of nature photography, landscape is one I do not practice as much and feel like I need to work and improve on. Although from a technical standpoint I can take a decent image, it is the artistic aspect that makes a photo unique and compelling that I sometimes struggle with the most. The problem is, I have not put as many hours into it to really learn and grow, but I am not worried because photography is a lifetime endeavor and at some point I will get to a point where I am satisfied.  As I mentioned in the other section, focusing on nightscapes got me to work on this aspect while doing something I am highly motivated to practice, so that I hope to transfer my improvements into my daytime photography.

When out in the great outdoors, or on vacation, the first thing we are struck by is the views of a place, a ridge of mountains, a beach, a forest…and photography allows us to capture them. In this day and age of digital photography where over a billion pictures are uploaded everyday (think about it for a second), pretty much everything has already been photographed and sometimes it is hard to be original. However, once you have mastered the basic shooting techniques that I will teach you in my classes and workshops along with many tips, you will be able to let your artistic juice flow to turn a postcard into a great photograph.