Milky Way Rgo Ophiuchi

Under a Blanket of Stars

Over the last few years, especially since the pandemic, I have fallen in love with astrophotography and nightscapes. Last year in particular, one of the motivations behind focusing especially on landscape astrophotography was to force myself to think landscape, asking myself questions about compositions, working around the constrains of what part of the sky will be visible with the foreground at a given time, to hopefully come up with an image that shows a different perspective compared to the photos we normally see. 

There is something magic about using today’s prodigious technology from our digital cameras to capture the beauty of the night sky. Unfortunately the skies all over the world are becoming more and more light polluted, to the point where the majority of the people who live in a city have never seen the Milky Way, but luckily the Canary Islands provide world-class dark skies. In my astrophotography classes, I will teach you several techniques to capture and bring out the details of the night sky.