Andromeda Galaxy

Going Deep

Photographing many deep-sky objects does not necessarily require fancy gear and expensive telescopes: in fact, using the right techniques with a regular DSLR camera, good lenses and a sturdy tripod is more than enough to capture those photons coming from light years away. The only specific item for astrophotography that I use is a star tracker, a tool that follows the movement of the stars allowing for very long exposure times, bringing out the faint details from objects far far away. The one that I use in particular, is relatively inexpensive, small and portable, which makes it a great accessory when hiking and traveling. In my astrophotography classes I will teach you techniques that will allow you to obtain long exposure times even without a star tracker so, if you are just getting your feet wet in astrophotography, you will come away with fantastic results. Book a class to find out!